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In our determined effort at given the best to our numerous customers all over Nigeria, the Aftersales Division in Elizade Nigeria Limited, has as its Mission, ???to be a dominant leader in the auto-care industry in Nigeria by providing our numerous customers with world-class auto-care services through the deployment of our state-of-the-art technology.???

Our shared core values include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Quality Assurance (PQA)
  • Maintaining a highly motivated workforce.

All of these are done in a bid to live true to our corporate philosophy, which is ???Partnership that keeps you driving.???



  • Mobile Workshop for Individual and Fleet Customers.
  • Early Bird Services
  • Vehicle Recovery Services


The Mobile Workshop Service Package

Our Mobile Workshop Service team is deployed to a location very close to you (or your premises where available). This is done on a pre-arranged date that is convenient to the customer, usually weekends. The service covers Toyota scheduled routine maintenance only. Major repairs observed during the service are rescheduled for our main workshop and the customer advised accordingly. A fleet of five or more vehicles due for service are handled per day at no additional cost.


The Benefits

This is a customer-friendly value-added service to our Toyota customers.

  1. It is beneficial to banks, corporate and government organizations with operations pool vehicles, as well as fleet owners.
  2. It reduces your vehicles down time by drastically reducing the service time.
  3. It is convenient as the service is done at the customers preferred location and time.
  4. It saves money as the service is provided at no additional cost to the customer.
  5. It guarantees your business growth as your mobility is guaranteed.

Take advantage of this money-saving opportunity now. Contact our customer care on, for details.


Early Bird Service

This service is designed for early risers who want to be at various work places before 8.00am but do not have the time and convenience of space to bring their vehicles for service during office hours. All that is required is for customers to book an appointment (Appointment Desk Line 080-8000-8182) ahead of time and bring their vehicle for routine service as early as 6.30am (Mondays-Fridays). We have the process in place to deliver our customers??? vehicles to them at or before 8.00am so they could meet their early official engagement and or appointments.

Those that need other items as wheel balancing, injector cleaning etc. are not applicable.??The Customer must be the one in need of the Early Bird Service

The Benefits


  1. When taking advantage of our Early Bird service, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in honest and capable hands.
  2. It is at your convenience
  3. Fast and easy as Spare parts are already reserved for the service.


Vehicle Recovery Services

We have a fleet of Flatbed Trucks for transporting breakdown, immobile (accidented) Toyota vehicles from any part of the country to any of our workshops nationwide. This service is also available for transportation of brand new vehicles from any of our show room to any part of the country.


Call any of our Customer Care Lines for necessary booking:

  • Lagos: Tel: 090-2794-9496, 080-8000-8182,081-1230-0300
  • Abuja: Tel 080-6666-3770, 081-5985-5201
  • PHC:?? Tel 080-3338-7977,080-3535-3605, 081-7068-5667


The Benefits

  1. Rapid response to all calls and requests.
  2. Our Flatbed Truck is fitted with modern equipment, bespoke built with under lifts which gives the lowest boom height and longest reach in the industry, ensuring any vehicle can be lifted quickly and without damage
  3. This serves as a guarantee for quality services. You don???t have to worry about your car being stolen or mishandled.??Your vehicle safety is guaranteed.
  4. Affordable recovery fees.

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